Regional Centers

  • The minimal required investment is $500,000 for Regional Center projects located in targeted employment areas or $1,000,000 for projects in non-targeted employment areas.
  • The Regional Center is able to count direct, indirect, and induced jobs for purposes of satisfying the legal requirement of creation of 10 jobs, decreasing the risk that there will be a problem in having the condition removed after two years. This contrasts with non-RC projects, which can only count direct jobs.
  • The management companies of the Regional Centers are usually operated by American specialists in their respective areas (e.g., commercial real estate, corporate finance), and thus more adept at ensuring the viability of the investment and satisfaction of the job creation requirements.
  • The investor can play a passive role in the investment and does not have to directly participate in the daily management of the enterprise.
  • Projects possess the potential for returns on investment.