Process Overview

  • After an investment has been made with the qualifying enterprise, or the funds have been placed in an escrow account, a I-526 petition is submitted to the USCIS.
  • After approval of the petition, the applicant and family apply for the visas at the embassy of the country of their residence, or if they are lawfully located in the United States, they may apply to adjust status.
  • After visa issuance, they arrive in the US within six months, and become conditional permanent residents from the date of their entry. If they adjust status in the US, they become conditional permanent residents from date of adjustment.
  • An immigrant investor is not required to manage the investment on a daily basis, and the investor and his family can live, work, and/or study anywhere in the United States during the two-year period and after.
  • Before the expiration of the two-year period, the immigrant investor and family apply to have the conditional status removed. As a part of this process, they will have to go through biometrics in the United States.
  • The receipt notice of the condition removal petition extends the legal status of the investor and family for eighteen months. If no decision is made within eighteen months, it is necessary to obtain an ADIT stamp as further evidence of status at a local USCIS office.
  • Upon approval of the condition removal petition, a new, unconditional green card is issued for an additional ten years.
  • Three months before the fifth anniversary of becoming a conditional permanent resident, the investor and family have the right to apply for citizenship if certain requirements are met.